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Let's face the truth - you will be carrying your Playdate everywhere with you, so why not use it as a productivity tool?


  • ToDos - note things to do in your inbox or move them to separate lists. Lists and entries can be edited or removed at any time.
  • Calendar - check the date and add events on the full-screen month view.
  • Voice Memo - record max 2 minutes long voice memos and label them with a title.


Each feature follows slightly different controls, but they are intuitive and, by default, visible on screen as hints.

  • Press A to select or confirm.
  • Hold A for secondary options like edit or remove.
  • Press B to go back or cancel.
  • Use a d-pad to highlight items.
  • Crank for scroll or seek.

Oh, and you can hide control hints from settings.

Ideas and feedback

Submit ideas and feedback as comments on itch.io or email them to me using kamil.powalowski[at]gmail.com


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AuthorHydra Softworks
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Tagscalendar, notes, Playdate, todos
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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hey, whenever I open the planner it defaults to 2052 rather than 2022. Idk what's causing this. I'm currently using the simulator as I'm in group 5 for playdate preorders but my PC had the correct date.

Hey, First of all, thank you for buying Pocket Planner! I don’t have access to the computer this week to debug it, but can you check one more thing for me? Is the recording date correct when you record and save a voice memo (I’m not sure it works on Playdate Simulator, but it should)? If not, I’d say there is something wrong with communication between PlaydateOS and your system. On the calendar, I do some calculations with dates, so there is space for error, but on memos, there is just a date taken from OS.

The voice memo dates it as 17/09/2052 so it must be an issue between the simulator and the system

Hey, I LOVE this app. However, would it be possible to add checklist functionality to the calendar? Also, the ability to copy and paste tasks would be extremely useful. 

I found a bug with the to-do list, when I try to delete a list it always deletes the last one in the list (of lists).

Hello, thank you so much for reporting. 🤦‍♂️ that I missed this. Version 2.2 (released right now) should have this fixed.


Found a bug with the calendar. If you repeatedly press a direction to move your cursor instead of press and hold to go fast there is a very common bug where even when you stop touching the dpad it still scrolls in whatever direction it was being pressed in both up and down and as far as i know its just the calendar that has this issue

Thank you for reporting. I’m able to replicate this. I’ll take a look and try to fix it.

I did some digging and noticed that sometimes I don’t get the corresponding button up and down events when buttons are mashed very quickly. I added some code that should fix those situations in 2.2 (released now). Once again, thank you for reporting.

Thanks for the quick fix I tried my best to break it again and no issues. Great work

Hello hello! Loving the app so far, however, it seems I am getting like crashes upon inputting certain expressions (ex. No Work, because I have a free day at work) on events on the calendar.

Is there somewhere where I could submit these crash reports in case you wanna look at it? It's no big issue for me, but, just in case.

Thank you!

Hey, please send them to kamil.powalowski [at] gmail.com But also, please check if you have OS updated to 1.12.2. I get some crash reports that only happened on 1.12.1 due to an already fixed bug on the OS level.

Really been appreciating this. <3

Love this! If it synced with Notion it would be a game-changer.


in the save file i see there is a spot for repeating events will we eventually be able to repeat events? 

Good question :) I don’t want to add that because it requires more business logic. Monthly and yearly recurring is easy, but weekly has to be calculated in advance and stored somewhere. I have this parameter, so if I decide to add that, I will not have to migrate data, but I’m waiting for the users’ input. If there are enough people that will think it’s useful, then I’ll add it.

I'd really like to see yearly. I was going to put in birthday's and anniversaries, those types of things. I wouldn't mind monthly or weekly as well. But yearly would be very nice.

I just purchased this and it is great! Awesome job!

(Also, it would be neat if there was a notepad :) )

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I would hate to create more work for you but i feel like this should increase each second you record to tell you how long it is.

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You are right. Thanks for reporting. I’ll prepare an update this week.

Updated :) Thank you for the suggestion.

thank you so much

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an idea that would be helpful would be to have the ability to move things up and down  in the todo list by holding right on the d-pad while cranking the crank


I love it. I thought about todos moving up and down but didn’t know how to make that the other way than by using a context menu (hold A) which may be painful on a long list. I’ll check if your idea is possible.

i’m excited to hear about your results.

eventually will you be able to mass add events by editing the save file?

Yes, it shouldn’t be a problem if you can convert them to the correct format.

sick it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate the format <3

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Not sure if this is a planned feature, but it would be really cool if this included a phone/address book section for those of us without cellphones ;) xD


Hi, I’m also not sure about this :) But you are not the only one who mentioned the contacts list. Somebody on Twitter proposes a Rolodex style for contact management https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rolodex

The closest plan is:

  • test the app on an actual device when my Playdate comes (shipped in April but still on its way to Poland)
  • release the app after the PlaydateSDK update (I’m waiting for a fix in the audio recording).

Then I want to add events to the calendar (right now, the calendar is read-only). I don’t know what will be next, but voices like yours matter, and I’ll consider them.


Oooooo the Rolodex proposition is a wonderful idea. It would translate sooooo to the crank, especially with a little flip-flip-flip sound effect as you scroll through.

I'm sure there are others like me. I haven't had a cell phone for two years, so something like this could have a huge potential to fill the void of an address book while still staying somewhat techy XD

Very excited to start using this! Is there any word for when it'll be downloadable? I didn't realize I wouldn't be able to download the work-in-progress when pre-ordering haha. I don't mind not having access until it's finished, just curious if there's a timeframe :)


Hey, I’m waiting to get my Playdate (I have the order PD22XX, so it should be shipped next week) to test Voice Memos, which I cannot try on the simulator. Also, since I tested Pocket Planner only on the simulator, it may require some UX tweaks when tested on the actual device. But it shouldn’t take long. Probably a week or two when I get a console.

Sounds good! I look forward to it :)